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Impressions of the eur§reg 2014: Limits to Global Convergence


Limits to Global Convergence (Data Protection, Free Trade with the USA)

PDF Presentation Lluís Borrell (Analysys Mason): The European TV Industry in Global Competition


Impact of Global Content and Rights Markets on the TV Industry

PDF Presentation Lluís Borrell (Analysys Mason): New Content Concepts and Strategies

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Fotos: Nora Müller, BAKOM



This year, the fourth eur§reg Conference will focus on the gap between regulation and essential new business models in the European TV industry. Following the events held in Berlin, Frankfurt, and most recently in Vienna, it will be take place in Zurich, hosted by Swiss OFCOM.

The internet has enriched media markets with new players and business models. The audiovisual world has likewise gone global. What are the implications? Are we headed for an unlimited audiovisual market? Are barriers to free trade necessary in order to preserve social values? How can the European television industry hold its ground in this environment? How will this growing global and non-linear programme services market affect broadcasters? Is deregulation likely to help European TV broadcasters assert themselves against the ‘new entrants’?

These and other questions will be debated at Eur§reg 2014 at the Lake Side Conference Centre in Zurich. Under the banner "Limits to Global Convergence", international experts from the audiovisual, regulatory and research sectors, together with personalities from the Swiss media industry, will present and discuss their concepts on the globalisation of the television world.

Join the discussion! You are cordially invited to eur§reg 2014. Participation is free of charge.

Organised by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications, with support from various national media institutions in Germany, and the Austrian company RTR GmbH, the Conference will be held in German and English; simultaneous translation will be provided.



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